Moroccan Flair

Our new home in Knysna , South Africa seems to naturally evolve a North African flavour.

So my Mom and I set off to Morocco in search a number of decor bits, those on our list included the incredibly beautiful Moroccan wedding blankets, Ben Ourain runners and carpets, cotton pompom blankets and smalls such as tissue box holders and breakfast glasses.

Moroccan style cushions and throws and traditional Moroccan Wedding Blankets seem to have become increasingly popular recently and are relatively easy to come across at reasonable prices. The traditional authentic ones from the Berber culture are, however, more costly as they are woven out of sheep’s wool, cotton and linen by Berber women in the Middle Atlas mountains of Northern Morocco for brides and are often years old when resold. The story of that in itself its pretty magical. ¬†Searching the Medina and uncovering these and other treasures you never expected nor imagined is in itself worth the trip.

So whether it be you have real ones or replicas from Anthropologie, I think they are truly stunning and add character to any room. The sequins add a sense of shabby chic glam. The picture below, from the genius archives of Restoration Hardware, shows how the simplest of rooms can be completely transformed  Рproducing a real WOW factor.

Restoration Hardware 

I really love the idea of adding these pieces to a modern and sophisticated space – the combination of black and white shades in both the picture above and below is brilliantly executed. The greatest trick my mom ever taught me to do when observing detail in a room, or a picture in this case, is to stand back, close one eye and block the item in question out with your finger. This is the best way in my opinion.. and clearly my moms.. to work out how much value a particular element really adds to a room. Blocking out the cushions in this case would really and truly detract immensely from the character of this living space whilst the same can be said about the contrast that the fireplace adds to the room.

Bungalow 5

How we used these to effect in our own home…



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