All Smoke and Mirrors: Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors create versatile decorative elements and can be magical manipulators of space, multiplying all the best features of a room instantly when executed correctly. When it comes to decorating one thing my mom always taught me was that you can never have too many mirrors – especially in a small space! Mirrors can be silver, bronze or smokey grey to create different decor effects.

Having refurbished a few flats in London the one continuous theme we have is mirror, mirror and then… some more mirrors! As you can see in the above and below images, it really transforms the room in terms of dramatic detail and a major illusion of size. Mirrors can make a room feel at least twice the size.

I have included a collection of images from apartments we have done up where mirror has played a crucial role.

The natural reaction to decorating with mirrors is the fear that there will be too much mirror, meaning too much of you to look at, but in truth you don’t notice people in the mirrors as much as the decorative details reflected, decorative layers on top of the mirror and the vast expansion of space.

Mirrors are wonderful decorative visual tricks that help to create the illusion of space, bringing light into a room and adding the effect of depth, decoration and often drama.

The mirror effect is so powerful that it can actually change the architecture, the same way colour can, by extending the line of sight, emphasizing views or creating a mirror image, effectively creating special effects by doubling the light, details or even the space itself.

The location and placement of the mirrors is the most important decision when adding them, it can be the focal point of the room – a frame-focused mirror is just like a piece of art.


Positioned on the right wall full-length floor mirrors can vastly expand the sense of space and turn a small room into a dramatic statement. They can add creative luminosity, lighting and ambience through reflections from other rooms, natural light or spectacular effects of lit candles and night.

Extra large wall mirrors add dimension and brighten rooms lacking natural light like hallways, bathrooms and entrance halls.

In  the case of the Cape Town flat they have done an extraordinary job at using the natural surroundings and visual elements to create the illusion of a longer view.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy with mirrors in an interior! They are magical!

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, you make any room the fairest of all!”


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