My Foreign Flat, Chelsea London

For the last 6 years this has been my happy home in the heart of Chelsea. This little flat has been the sanctuary that I have loved gradually chopping, changing and adding to bit by bit. My flat I would have to admit, is the truest form of what I imagine a bachelorette pad to be, filled with pinks and purples and all things pretty!

I really had so much fun decorating this flat over the years, I found various pieces on my travels and other pieces scouring the internet, while some on the fashionable high streets of London and others at the markets nearby.

The greatest thing about decorating this flat was that I only had myself to please. Every decision was true to my whimsical taste and personality at the ripe age of 20 when I moved into it on my own. Over time it became slightly more sophisticated and changed as I grew but there really is never an end to decorating and over time this apartment really thought me that! 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I do xx



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