Dirt Therapy, Plettenburg Bay

This was one of my absolute favorite finds on my travels home this December! Tucked away, just beyond Plettenburg Bays little town, overlooking the picturesque forest landscape of the Garden Route and the Tsitskikamma Mountains, an indigenous tree and plant nursery that has been turned into a small tropical forest paradise of its own.

The nursery grows a variety of indigenous and ornamental trees and shrubs which are perfectly suited for the Garden Route climate and environmental conditions. They currently stock over seventy species in addition to their large tree selection.

In addition to the nursery Dirt Therapy also has the most adorable boutique shop that sells a selection of interesting garden accessories, home decor and african gifts, including gold and bronze garden hosepipes and animal skinned picture frames that were among my favourite bits!

The bar/dining area isĀ amazing – delicious food like steak sandwiches and salads are served from a vintage silver caravan tucked between the lush green surroundings. A wonderful setting for a lazy lunch!

This coffee shop/ venue/ bar/ nursery/ farm/ boutique has it all!!! I strongly suggest a visit!


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